Embrace the Magic of Campfire Petitions: Manifest Your Desires and Keep Bugs at Bay!

There’s something undeniably enchanting about gathering around a crackling campfire, surrounded by the dancing flames and the embrace of nature. Imagine adding an extra touch of magic to your campfire rituals with Campfire Petitions. These herbal petitions not only help keep pesky bugs away but also serve as powerful tools to manifest your desires and intentions. With nine unique varieties, […]

DMT…it just keeps getting better!

First off, Hello again! Long time no chat… I only have a few minutes before I head into work but wanted to get a few thoughts out before they flutter away. Note: I’m feeling a little sweary today 🙂 This morning I was discussing a new healing modality with a friend and DMT came up. Of course, my birth-y mind […]

F-Bomb Pattern

Bear with me. This is my first time writing a pattern that someone other than me needs to interpret! Also, I will update with more pictures as I get them. If you have any questions or comments about this pattern please reach out & happy crocheting! Let’s starts at the beginning…I had a customer request “F-bombs” so I did a […]

5 Sanskrit Mantras for Everyday Life

Chanting is one of the oldest practices of meditation. Spoken language was around long before written language and the different tones or vibrations with which early man spoke, really pulled from the true essence of our souls. I was introduced to Sanskrit mantras about 5 years ago. At first I was confused and felt a bit out of place being […]

Loving Our Periods

Growing up female was not always rainbows and unicorns. Puberty, hormone changes, body hair, & menstruation were all topics of anxiety and disgust. I learned to “deal” with these issues rather than understand them and, in essence, myself. All too often girls, especially preteen or prepubescent, are self conscious about the multiple changes that happen to their body. The receive […]

New Project of 2019…Little Haven: Community Space

Vision, intention, & manifestation all coming together for this new “baby” in my life. I have always craved socialization but after becoming a mother I realized how little socialization I was getting. Outside of kid’s activities, errands, and doctor appointments I was not participating in fulfilling adult connections. My hobbies & interests have fallen to the wayside and I have […]

Permission to be Ourselves

With the New Year comes New Beginnings. We always use this time of year to make resolutions, changes, and commitments to ourselves, our health, and others. I’ve never really ‘bought into’ this notion that it takes a specific date, such as January 1st, to allow for modifications to take place. Maybe it’s because my life is in a constant state […]

Being Human

When you first meet someone the conversation usual flows to what you do and who you are. You can tell a lot about a person about how they define themselves.
If they say they are a mother to three beautiful children, you know they value family. If their answer is a lawyer, then it’s their career they consider most important…most people […]

Mama On A Mission.

Mama On A Mission.

So if you know me, you know I am passionate about a lot. The #1 thing that really gets me going is when people are not informed. Doesn’t matter the situation. If you don’t know the how, what, when, where, & most importantly the WHY of something then you are not properly informed. Also, understanding where that information is coming […]

Breaking the Ice.

Guys…this is my first ever blog post! Bear with me… There are so many ideas floating around for topics and ideas so hopefully this will help me better organize these thoughts.  But first, what content will be discussed? Anything & everything is fair game. I am a LMT (licensed massage therapist) and trained Birth Doula in Eastern Iowa. Other titles […]