New Project of 2019…Little Haven: Community Space

Vision, intention, & manifestation all coming together for this new “baby” in my life. I have always craved socialization but after becoming a mother I realized how little socialization I was getting. Outside of kid’s activities, errands, and doctor appointments I was not participating in fulfilling adult connections. My hobbies & interests have fallen to the wayside and I have lost myself in the identity of “mom”.

Not in 2019! This year I am hoping to create a unique community of local women & families who want to commit to show up for themselves because of, not in spite of, their littles.
I often talked myself out of attending yoga, art classes, and other self developmental things because
1. I didn’t want to pay for a babysitter
2. I didn’t feel worthy of “me” time…
3. I felt bringing my child would be a hindrance or frowned upon by other attendees.

Little Haven: Community Space will be a place of building non-judgmental and authentic relationships while we raise our confidence as moms, women, and kick ass people. Learning skills, tips, and techniques that help make our lives easier, safer, and most of all more fun! All the while having our children watch us show up for ourselves.

What to expect from this community:
Monthly & weekly classes, small groups, play dates, events.
Childcare included on-site during most adult oriented events.
Communal space available for parties, personal events, etc.
Opportunity to teach any skills or knowledge that you have!

What better way to teach future generations how to commit to their own happiness than by showing them how. We deserve to connect, talk, and be authentic in what interests us…so let’s create a space for just that!

More to come as this amazing journey unfolds and opportunity arises. I want to be as transparent during this time as I can…Let me know if you have any questions or want to be involved as a contributor…this is for OUR community!