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Katie offers local or long distance support for moms & families who are stepping into the role of parents. From fertility awareness to postpartum aid, Katie offers 1-on-1 workshops, group classes, and online support. You will gain courage, insight, and peace of mind from the services Katie offer.

Massage & energy work help balance and reconnect with yourself. As a Licensed Massage Therapist & trained Ayurvedic Practitioner, Katie uses a combination of techniques to restore vitality and harmony throughout your body – making life happier, healthier, and more hopeful.

Creating lasting moments as a loved one transitions out of this life is not always a top priority for medical and professional personnel that often end up taking care of our family and friends. Katie focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of not only the person heading home…but also for their loved ones to walk that journey along side them. She makes it a personal and comforting space to express grief, joyfulness, sorrow, or whatever else arises during the final days, months or years.

Shop for crocheted, sewn, and other handmade goods. Love & intention is placed in every project from start to finish. Katie takes commissioned project upon request.

Little Haven is based out of Linn County, Iowa. It offers a space for adults and children to grow and build authentic relationships with others in our area. We strive to provide interesting courses, unique events, and personalized service. Our hope is to co-create a space that serves everyone’s needs & inspires creativity, passion, and diversity for the entire family.