Little Haven: Community Space

Welcome! Transparency & authenticity are of the upmost importance to me while building this community. Here is a little glimpse at what this community will offer & why it is so important to develop:

I realized I too easily got caught up in the busy of life…work, kids, activities, errands, commitments, etc…and was not taking adequate time for myself. And if you’re like me, building a “community” has been very important since having kids. Without my wonderful circle of family, friends, neighbors, & babysitters, 2018 would have been even more chaotic. I specifically thrive when I can connect, learn, & grow from other amazing moms locally.

But I’m struggling to find one location that offers the space to authentically show up for myself.

Within our local moms groups I’ve been noticing most moms are searching for:

A place you could host low cost birthday parties, baby showers, and other life celebrations.
A place that offered a wide range of “classes” and events that focus on self development, creativity, and educational information.
Massage therapy, yoga, and other body & health wellness.
Summer camps or playdates for their littles

What if you could get all in one location PLUS have someone watch your children during the events YOU want to attend!!

Little Haven: Community Space plans to open in 2019 and will offer all that, and then some. Yoga, breastfeeding support, Essential Oils 101 and “storytime” are just a few events we already have set on our calendar!

Our Immediate needs:
Space…free or low cost options to hold groups up to 15 people. Any leads or connections please email [email protected]
Commitment…to yourself, your children, & your happiness. Investing in personal development is super important for the next generation to witness. Demonstration is the best teacher, so show them how to take care of themselves by taking care of you!
Attendance…there are events already happening almost weekly. Please take the opportunity to check out what speaks to you!!