Transcending Birth

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Making the transition into the physical can be just as scary & confusing as leaving it. Whether you live near or far, I can help assist with bringing in this new soul through education, support, and guidance. Schedule a free online consultation to create a custom birth package.

This program lets you have unlimited access to everything and anything. Email or message me any time of day (or night) with questions, concerns, or just general curiosity.

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Get all the benefits of the Doula on Demand program PLUS 30 minutes of energy healing each month. 

Want to know the gender or characteristics of your future children?  This 30 minute reading you connect with them! It will also leave you with an understanding of your child’s unique personality, hopes, and fears.

I provide intuitive as well as educational support for all things mom & baby. This 60 minute online meeting is perfect for families who want more information and tips on how to navigate the unpredictability of birth.


The Way Childbirth Could be…

Most women who give birth in the “traditional” sense (hospital, birth center, etc.) come away feeling less than satisfied with their experience. We’ve lost the sacredness of what it means to bear children. When viewed as a human event in a women’s life instead of a medical one, we begin to see the true nature of what this existence can mean. It is our Divine right as women to have children, so let’s stop letting fear and negativity influence the birthing process.

How can I help?

I want every mom, parent, and guardian to be as informed as they possibly can about their choices for their little ones. This includes decisions made even prior to conception and during pregnancy. I help parents find their own inner guidance and let them stand in their own authenticy so they can lead by example. Also, by helping you connect with your little one before they enter the physical, you can begin to create a stronger bond with them which can help ease fears & doubts.