Breaking the Ice.

Guys…this is my first ever blog post! Bear with me… There are so many ideas floating around for topics and ideas so hopefully this will help me better organize these thoughts. 

But first, what content will be discussed?

Anything & everything is fair game. I am a LMT (licensed massage therapist) and trained Birth Doula in Eastern Iowa. Other titles that have been used to describe me in this lifetime are sister, energy worker, wife, reiki practitioner, mom, personal trainer, daughter, light worker, friend…the list is endless. All content will evolve as I do. When I reach new understandings and growth physically, emotionally, and spiritually it’s only fitting to share with others. Not because I expect others to share the same viewpoints but because it is essential to start opening others to different ways of experiencing and understanding life. And to appreciate those who see the world in a different light!

So often I have struggled with saying too much or not saying enough. I’ve witnessed hundreds of synchronicities and premonitions throughout my life. I plan on writing about some of these experiences and how they have shaped the lens in which I view the world today!

Why start this project? So. Many. Reasons. 

While in my doula training I felt an urge to start sharing my experiences and understandings. Through my birth experience I realized how much I am an advocate in my life and also that many people, women in particular, don’t voice their goals when put in vulnerable situations. There is so much fear about the unknown, not only in pregnancy and childbirth, but in life in general. My hope is to show through example or explanation that our experiences in this lifetime are beautiful blessings no matter the circumstances.

I’ve also have seen how others have struggled to “be in the flow” of life. For these individuals there’s a struggle to manifest things and life seems like a losing battle. Do you know anyone like that?  Me against the world mentality, always a victim of their circumstances, does not take responsibility for karmic lessons in their life…these thought patterns can be transformed to start living a lighter, enjoyable existence.

What a start! Thanks for being participants and recipients in this creative endeavor. Hold on tight and remain Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful!