DMT…it just keeps getting better!

First off, Hello again! Long time no chat… I only have a few minutes before I head into work but wanted to get a few thoughts out before they flutter away. Note: I’m feeling a little sweary today 🙂

This morning I was discussing a new healing modality with a friend and DMT came up. Of course, my birth-y mind dove all in. I love DMT…hell, who doesn’t? It’s not called the “business trip” for nothing! You can scourge the internet and find all fascinating things on what DMT is, how and when you body produces or reacts to it, yadda yadda. What specifically I want to cover is the metaphysical reasoning behind DMT and influential factors (for better or worse!).

On Netflix there was a documentary – may still be there- that discribes Dimethyltryptamine aka DMT as “The Spirit Molecule” and while the scientific jury is still out on that is one thing for certain…it is naturally present at the moment of birth in both the mother and baby and it is also there at the moment of death. But why?

A portal, perhaps?

I’d like to think so. Many reports of people taking or inhaling herbal DMT (think ayahuasca) claim to have contact with alien forms and other outter worldly experiences. In it’s natural form developed in the body, the experiences can be shorter but not any less profound. My personal experience when having my son was that I was surrounded by not aliens but all the maternal and goddess energies. Mother Mary, all my feminine ancestors, Lady Nada, and this incredible sense of innate wisdom and security.

I had a low -risk, non medicated, uninterrupted birth but let’s pretend there is a inhibitor involved. Something man made that allows birth to be convenient for the woman, their family, and even the doctors. Something like pitocin or an epidural… What kind of impact would that have on this extremely important portal?

IMO – a whole hell of a lot. When labor is artificially induced or sustained, the baby is not energetically, chemically, or spiritually ready to be born. This results in stalled labor, increased chance of c-section (which little to no DMT is released), or a myriad of other complications and birth trauma that people spend the rest of their lives trying to bury or have to fix on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

What if we embrace the importance that is physiological birth. What if we trust nature’s design. What if women feel the pain of childbirth in order to have this euphoric release of DMT. And what if, in fact, DMT is a portal or gateway to the “other side” & because of it we get to welcome fully formed souls into this world. Humans would be happier, healthier, and honestly more hopeful…in my opinion…