Mama On A Mission.

Mama On A Mission.

So if you know me, you know I am passionate about a lot. The #1 thing that really gets me going is when people are not informed. Doesn’t matter the situation. If you don’t know the how, what, when, where, & most importantly the WHY of something then you are not properly informed. Also, understanding where that information is coming from is key.

Many people have biases based on financial gain, power, blind faith, or for various other reasons. What is the one thing those opinions all have in common? They don’t involve YOU…or what is in your best interest.

What is my difference. I give a shit. I care about people not money, fame, or power. I look at all aspects of a situation and interpret the energy from that. Does it align? Doesn’t it? The WHY is so important because if we continue to do things “because that how we’ve always done it” is damaging. In relation to birth, we have not always labored lying down on our backs….that was common practice once OBGYNs (who originally were men, btw.) started delivering babies because it’s easier/more convenient for them.

We’ve forgotten our natural ability to thrive & survive. It’s easier to relinquish our responsibility to ourselves onto others so we’re not the ones to blame when our health, finances, and happiness trickles down the drain. But I’m here to say, “stop”. Realize your power. We’re all in this life for such a short amount of time and instead of just existing start LIVING. Every day. No excuses.

It may feel scary or intimidating to step into your authentic self, but the freeing aspect of openly expressing yourself is indescribable. For a moment, I want you to think about the children in this World. They look up to us, they aspire to be like us. What kind of life do you want them to experience? One of continual fear & disappointment or a vibrant and colorful life? I know what I will chose for my kids. I hope they grow to be beautiful individuals and take chances. They will only aspire to do that if I teach them & what better way to teach then by example.

We don’t need permission to be ourselves. We just have to remember who we are in the first place & trust that we are made perfectly to handle every situation presented to us.