Finding your Spirituality while Remaining Human

Finding your Spirituality while Remaining Human

Many people who start on their “enlightenment” journey at some point feel the pull to become spiritual 100% of the time. There is often this separation between who they are in the physical (ego) and who they are spiritually (consciousness). When you have an “ego” moment – you know, when you’re all in your feels and maybe behaving unreasonably for the situation at hand…”Extra” comes to mind – they often will try to quickly pull you back into a spiritual mindset.

But life does not have to be one or the other! You don’t need to choose between the pleasures of 3D (Alcohol, fast food, the Kardashians, or for me, Celebrity Big Brother) and 5D (whole foods, daily meditation, balancing chakras, unblocking meridians, etc.). There is a shift as a collective to evolve into a higher consciousness. And I agree that it is needed…but for those of us who feel emotionally torn to just disregard society’s offerings because they are worldly & we’re suppose to be above it all…it’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to create a balance in your life that, as Marie Kondo would say, “bring you joy”! It’s also okay to stop participating in earthly activities that once made you happy so you can embrace a healthier, holistic lifestyle. First step is awareness.

Just as the cycle of life and each year have seasons, so do our daily lives. Some days there is more emphasis on the spiritual aspects of this existence. And some days it’s about the physical…sometimes its a little of both!! Like yesterday, I was working on content for a project and could not express it in a heartfelt way so I paused to do a Sanskrit mantra meditation to open my heart chakra. I was working on a earthly thing but used a holistic, spiritual tool to enhance the physical process.

I made another post that touched on the notion of ego and how it benefits & enriches our life when not viewed as separate from ourselves. And I cant stress this enough. Love & respect EVERY aspect of yourself, not just the parts that appear to be more advanced or spiritual. Because under those facades is a physical experience that helped shaped them. Without our Earthly emotions we are not able to transcend into 5D reality…because those vibrations also exist in all other dimensions so might as well embrace and integrate the things that make us uniquely human right now!

All this to say, don’t beat yourself up if you find living a conscious lifestyle 24/7 difficult. And don’t apologize for having moments of “human-ness”…when you judge yourself less, you automatically start judging other less. You recognize they are just being human in a moment you may be experiencing more spiritually, or vice-versa. Having that awareness is life changing. So get out there & let your ego or consciousness shine!