Life Explained

When you start down the road of awakening, the core question that often comes up for people is “Who am I, really?”. The basic response is: a physical manifestation and representation of pure energy. But what does that actually mean?

All living, organic things consist of energy. Science has proven that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only influenced to transformed into various forms. But still, what makes us “us”? Think of your spirit, soul, inner awareness, etc. as your personalized blueprint (or should I say fingerprint) for this lifetime or existence. See, it does not matter if you believe in reincarnation or not. All you have to understand is that 1. You are a physical being and 2. you are currently living….Let’s dive a little deeper…

Like a fingerprint or snow flake, not two person’s soul energy is the same. Some can be very similar and appear alike but at the core, they are not…Here is my take:
Imagine heaven, universal consciousness, space, the ethers (whatever you want to call where we possibly “were” before birth and where we potentially return when we’ve depleted our earthly body) as a combination of all frequencies, vibrations, and examples of pure energy. When a soul, or anything living, decides to physically manifest, a particular bundle of the energy forms to create that individual’s personality, characteristics, and life purpose. It comes through to experience and live their life…TADA! Here we currently are….either living in alignment with who we are at a soul level, or not…but ultimately the choice has always been yours.

Look at nature. Animals & plants behave solely on instinct and care not what other think of them or limit themselves due to perceived expectations. We are the only species on the planet that live out of alignment of our natural self. It also means that we have unlimited potential if we understand & harness the power of this life.

Photo courtesy of Tish Edgerton from Optical Awakenings.

Let’s talk about reincarnation for a bit – if this is not for you, continue at the next paragraph – When we exit our physical body our spirit then rejoins the collective pool of pure energy. It does not stay connected as a whole…it expands and joins the path of least resistance within the universal energies. When another soul is manifesting, there may be traits or attributes that are similar to a previous life but there will be new components to make for new understandings & experiences in the newest incarnation….make sense?

Ego. Another component to our evolution and understanding which I believe to be a good thing. Most new age believers have ganged up on the notion of ego. Labeling it as bad, or detrimental to spiritual growth. I, on the other hand, use ego as a tool to understand who I am at a core level and who I am on a superficial level…because it’s all “me”. There is not separation on how I was created and to accept who I am means to love & accept ALL components of myself.

Photo courtesy of Tish Edgerton from Optical Awakenings.

The relationship between ego and our spirit is anything but equal. Our ego tends to take over & run the show. But once you understand the inner awareness you contain, the balance between the two becomes much more symbiotic. How can you tell the difference between the two aspects of ourselves?

At it’s core, our soul is filled with unconditional love, subtle but intense energy. It harbors the capacity for health and longevity. Our ego is often irrational, spontaneous, and convincing. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to justify your actions to yourself – that’s your ego. Your ego can be used as a buffer to prevent trauma from reaching the vulnerable parts of your soul. Just having an awareness of these aspects, you’ll begin to see working together or in contrast to one another.

If any of this resonates with you, or if it doesn’t, I’d love to hear. Growth happens on the other side of discomfort so let’s have a conversation with your take on what is life! More people are awakening to their true inner knowings and I value each & everyone’s truth💜