Birth: Alternative Point of View

This day and age, most people worry about the comfort of a laboring women. I’m here to bring awareness to the other side of birth…That of the children being born & the magical connection to the mother.

As I often reiterate, birth is commonly NOT a medical event. It is a normal, physiological occurrence as well as a spiritual journey in a female’s life. The more time we spend fussing about scientific ways to make birth “easier” and interfering with the women’s natural instinct, the more disconnected we become as a species.

What do I mean by that?

Women have the incredible capability to transcend their bodies & minds to spiritually receive the soul of their newborn. But with all the chaos and distractions that western medicine will have you believe “helps”, it actually inhibits a women’s journey through pregnancy and childbirth.

Most little one’s souls just want recognition prior to coming Earth-side. The confirmation that the parents (especially the mother) welcome and trust the process is often all that’s needed to have a quick, simple, and non-traumatic birth. OB-GYNs & certain Midwives are trained to identify and treat problems within the birthing process and therefore inhibit the innate TRUST of a women’s ability to give the birth. And because birth has so many variations of normal, anything outside of the formal training of the doctors poses a threat to their practice. But it may be just the perfect way for the baby to enter this physical plane.

By creating doubt and disconnect during the birthing process, it is also creating  emotional and spiritual trauma for baby…and potentially mother. As a birth keeper for ancestral knowledge,  I can not sit by and watch the harm take place any longer. Our children are suffering, we as women are suffering, and humanity is suffering. We can do better to support women during the most powerful and vulnerable time in their lives and it’s by simply allowing them autonomy over their birth. Respecting their decisions and fully trusting in the harmonious communication between mother & baby to successfully birth in a way that fulfills them.