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Introducing Reset, our specially crafted herbal tea designed to help you reset for a rejuvenating night of rest. This soothing blend combines the calming properties of Rooibos, Hawthorn, Catnip, and Passion Flower to create a harmonious infusion that supports relaxation and encourages a peaceful state of mind.

Reset is carefully formulated with a selection of botanicals known for their sleep-inducing and anxiety-reducing qualities. Rooibos, a rich and caffeine-free tea, offers a smooth and gentle flavor while contributing to a calm and relaxed state. Hawthorn, renowned for its heart-healthy properties, aids in easing tension and promoting a sense of tranquility.

Catnip, traditionally used to soothe the nerves and induce relaxation, works in harmony with Passion Flower, known for its calming and sedative effects. Together, these botanicals create a blissful and aromatic blend that invites you to unwind and embrace a restorative sleep.

To experience the benefits of Reset Herbal Tisane, simply steep approximately 1 Tablespoon of the blend in hot water for 5-7 minutes. As you inhale the delicate aroma and sip the warm infusion, allow the calming properties of the herbs to gently guide you into a state of tranquility. Create a ritual of self-care as you prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Reset is a perfect choice for those seeking natural alternatives to promote relaxation and support healthy sleep patterns. Embrace the power of botanical remedies and give yourself the gift of deep, rejuvenating rest.

Please note that Reset is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have specific sleep concerns or medical conditions, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating herbal remedies into your routine.


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