Christmas…It’s all about Birth!

So if you’ve read my other posts you’ll realize birth and spirituality are my jam…this past week those two worlds were celebrated simultaneously and that was AWESOME. Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday, not because of gifts, but because of the love and wonder surrounding it. This year though I really began to think about what Jesus’ birth was […]

Road trip!

This is so fun. I am writing this while sitting in the passenger seat of my husband’s truck! We are headed to his hometown for the weekend to celebrate with a baby shower for his sister & brother in law. (It happens to also be my hubs 29th birthday weekend so I’m positive there will be some celebrating of that […]

Medical or mindful?

There’s about to be a shift in the way modern medicine is practiced. Currently in the U.S. it is a misogynist institution that, for the most part, cares more about budgets, bottom lines, and profits. Yes, great medical advancements and discoveries have improved our overall well being and longevity of life, but it’s all based out of fear. Vaccines is […]