My Spirit Babies

To be honest, the past couple of weeks I have been kinda uninspired to write and have just thrown together some thoughts. This week was going the same way until I stumbled acrosses a podcast about Spirit Babies by Maryn Green from Indie Birth. I’m obsessed. Seriously. In my posts about my pregnancy and birth, I mentioned an inherent knowledge […]

Clairvoyance, channeling, spiritual gifts, and the like.

Everyone has unique gifts, affinities, and/or traits that align us with our true self. When we act against these innate characteristics that is when issues arise in our lives. Whether it be with our health, financially, romantically, or anything else that can cause pain and distress. ´╗┐Seeing auras around objects and people was one of the first gifts I remember […]

Religion vs. Spirituality

Many people are struggling with the rigid confines of organized religion and therefore rebelling against it. The rise of different religious paths is really interesting to look into if you’re so inclined. Suppression, misinterpretation, and financial gain are some of the reasons why there has been a disconnect from the religious groups in our western culture. It doesn’t fit our […]

Morning Coffee with my Dad.

I’m a little hesitant in writing this so it must be time to share this short piece. Oh, by the way, my dad passed away in 2015.  Here’s our routine – my 7 month old wakes me up around 7am, I change his diaper, we let the dog out, turn on spotify, my son plays on his mat or in […]

Soul Purpose

In the past couple weeks there has been a monumental shift for me when it comes to my life purpose. I blame the solar eclipse. I’ve always been a confident person but after giving birth to my son in January I was so empowered. I ´╗┐couldn’t understand why women were rushing for medication and c-sections to get through their normal, […]