Healing Birth Trauma

As a doula, I have often heard the saying “I love my baby. But I don’t love how they got here.” No new mother needs that regret, disappointment, or heartbreak on her plate. But how can we mend this? It begin with us. Every being has the capacity and inner knowledge to start the healing process.

Unfortunately there is no magical way to dictate how any pregnancy or birth will progress. But what if there was a way to a change the memory of the events that actually unfolded. Or rather the emotion behind the memory. The repair can start immediately following, or even before, the trauma instead of being stored within our cellular memories only to cause chaos later on in a persons life. Everything we experience is correlated and not by random chance. The situations we face today impact our perceptions of future events and therefore places our lives on habitual paths. 

For a woman going through a traumatic birth experience we can empathize. However, because she is able to cognitively recollect and verbalized her emotions we tend to forget that it is just as traumatic (if not more so) for the newborn. These ripples of fear, shock, and pain settle into our bodies from the start. 

What do I mean by trauma…it’s not solely about physical pain or difficulties. It includes all aspects of human existence. There can be emotional blocks that stall the progress of labor which then can lead to other interventions causing physical trauma like Pitocin, epidural, forceps/vacuum, cesarean, etc. But can’t spiritual blocks also inhibit the perception of birth? If a woman is unable to trust in her inner guidance and wisdom, or God-energy/higher self, than wouldn’t that cause emotional scars.

I’ve just recently worked with a wonderful woman that was delivered in a traumatic way. During her session, it was beautiful to witness the transformation as she forgave herself and her mother. The most profound thing she mentioned to me was that she felt immense saddness for causing that experience for her mother. She was a newborn! Nothing she “did” caused that trauma but she had been carrying that perception her whole life and it was caused by things outside of her control. When we release the heaviness of even our subconscious memories, it ripples through everyone involved during that situation. I gaurentee the mother of this woman feels lighter today because of the work her daughter did a week ago. And my client, who was never aware of how deeply rooted her emotions from her birth were, is completely changed physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For the men on the Earth, even though you won’t physically experience giving birth, you have been birthed by a woman. If you go on to father children of your own in this lifetime, your vibrational state will be passed on to future generations as well. There is healing and work to be done throughout humanity, regardless of gender, because in one way or another birth experiences impact each and everyone of us in this physical plane.

I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s about to unravel as we continue forward in this new era of femininity and grace. Being witness to another person’s soul go through moments of healing, heals our own soul too. At the end of the day, all things are connected, there are no coincidences, and when we recognize the causes of pain and suffering within ourselves we can all live happier, healthier, and more hopeful.