Road trip!

This is so fun. I am writing this while sitting in the passenger seat of my husband’s truck! We are headed to his hometown for the weekend to celebrate with a baby shower for his sister & brother in law. (It happens to also be my hubs 29th birthday weekend so I’m positive there will be some celebrating of that as well!)

It’s pitch black, the baby is fussing in the backseat, we hit bumper to bumper traffic and we’re not even on the interstate yet. Now I have hustled all day cleaning, doing laundry, packing, cleaning again. Just to be out of the house is relief in and of itself until I feel it…the anxiety and stress radiating on my left. I look over and you can physically see the anger pouring out of my husband. We finally get past the jam which was due to an accident, of course, and he’s still lingering in this cloud of fumes.

How wonderful is it to witness other people’s perspectives, especially as they reveal themselves. The 5-10 minutes we were delayed I felt a peace a calm. Realizing it was an accident made me want to slow down and not rush because more than likely that’s what those drivers were doing. On the other hand, my husband only viewed it as an inconvenience and unplanned delay. Emotions which consumed him the rest of the trip. Again, what’s the rush?

Day in and day, out time is passing us by. In the end it doesn’t matter how quickly we get there but rather that we traveled at all. Stop and smell the roses. Take a back road that is less traveled. Don’t watch the clock, you’ll only be disappointed. This life should be savored and relished. Roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and drive happier, healthier, and hopeful.