Medical or mindful?

There’s about to be a shift in the way modern medicine is practiced. Currently in the U.S. it is a misogynist institution that, for the most part, cares more about budgets, bottom lines, and profits. Yes, great medical advancements and discoveries have improved our overall well being and longevity of life, but it’s all based out of fear.

Vaccines is a hot topic for many people. On one hand you have the pro-Vaxxer’s that just follow standard protocol and trust that their doctor has their best interest at heart…but do they? Delayed or anti-Vaxxer’s make up the other side to this coin. They are usually viewed as “hippie”, a threat to society, or just plain dumb. But their real argument is that of informed consent. Each individual’s health is not like any other, our own genetic makeup while essentially the same, is unlike any other person’s. So why has our standard of care become a “one size fits all”.

So many people put their trust in physicians to cure them of their ailments. It’s easier to play the victim and put the responsibility on another when in reality it’s up to that individual to decide if they want to be healed. I know of a pharmacist who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in their late 20s. What seemed like a devastating diagnosis for someone just beginning their career and family turned out to be so much more. When the medical and pharmaceutical routes provided little to no comfort or support they began to look at their health in totally new way…nutrition, exercise, wellness, mindfulness, etc. A few years after the diagnosis, they received astonishing news that their MRI came back with no evidence of MS. The doctor couldn’t explain this miracle, there is no known cure for MS so how could this be?

Another example is cancer. Why do some people die from it and others go into remission? On the surface most people would admit the goal is to get better but there is other factors than just medical treatment. I’m talking soul contracts, cellular memory, believing that you DESERVE to get well…the list can go on but you get the hint. Individualized care is needed in order to make any change in our wellness and it shouldn’t be up to someone to make treatment decisions for you. Get to know your body and you will see the paths that it will respond to…enough of this “one size fits all” mentality.

Just like any healing profession when used in conjunction with other modalities our issues can be resolved in totality. However, in this western society, the majority of people assume allopathic medicine holds the answer to their ailments. We must start step inside ourselves and take responsibility for our own health and well being. Let’s stop putting it in other’s hands so we can begin to live healthier, happier, and hopeful.