I’m Tired.


I’m tired of being tired.

I’m tired of not feeling heard.

I’m tired of limiting confidence.

I’m tired of relinquishing my power.

I’m tired of having to justify and explain my actions.

I’m tired of sacrificing joy.

I’m tired of oppression.

I’m tired of disrespect.

I’m tired of inequality.

I’m tired of feeling stress, anxious, or depressed.

Last year was the calm before the storm. It was the quiet space I needed to reflect on what’s important in this lifetime.

Growth only happens after a dormant time. We are always changing, shifting, moving. Evolution is knocking at the door and we must answer or be taken up in the tornado along with the falling matrix. Old mindsets serve only the past. Healing our karmic and ancestral wounds will allow humanity to rise again. Step into the present and declare yourself a warrior.


I will fight to sustain my energy.

I will fight to be heard.

I will fight to gain confidence.

I will fight to increase my power.

I will fight to act in accordance to how I want to act.

I will fight to have joy.

I will fight for freedom.

I will fight to honor others.

I will fight to maintain balance.

I will fight to feel happier, healthier, and hopeful.

Road trip!

This is so fun. I am writing this while sitting in the passenger seat of my husband’s truck! We are headed to his hometown for the weekend to celebrate with a baby shower for his sister & brother in law. (It happens to also be my hubs 29th birthday weekend so I’m positive there will be some celebrating of that as well!)

It’s pitch black, the baby is fussing in the backseat, we hit bumper to bumper traffic and we’re not even on the interstate yet. Now I have hustled all day cleaning, doing laundry, packing, cleaning again. Just to be out of the house is relief in and of itself until I feel it…the anxiety and stress radiating on my left. I look over and you can physically see the anger pouring out of my husband. We finally get past the jam which was due to an accident, of course, and he’s still lingering in this cloud of fumes.

How wonderful is it to witness other people’s perspectives, especially as they reveal themselves. The 5-10 minutes we were delayed I felt a peace a calm. Realizing it was an accident made me want to slow down and not rush because more than likely that’s what those drivers were doing. On the other hand, my husband only viewed it as an inconvenience and unplanned delay. Emotions which consumed him the rest of the trip. Again, what’s the rush?

Day in and day, out time is passing us by. In the end it doesn’t matter how quickly we get there but rather that we traveled at all. Stop and smell the roses. Take a back road that is less traveled. Don’t watch the clock, you’ll only be disappointed. This life should be savored and relished. Roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and drive happier, healthier, and hopeful.

Medical or mindful?

There’s about to be a shift in the way modern medicine is practiced. Currently in the U.S. it is a misogynist institution that, for the most part, cares more about budgets, bottom lines, and profits. Yes, great medical advancements and discoveries have improved our overall well being and longevity of life, but it’s all based out of fear.

Vaccines is a hot topic for many people. On one hand you have the pro-Vaxxer’s that just follow standard protocol and trust that their doctor has their best interest at heart…but do they? Delayed or anti-Vaxxer’s make up the other side to this coin. They are usually viewed as “hippie”, a threat to society, or just plain dumb. But their real argument is that of informed consent. Each individual’s health is not like any other, our own genetic makeup while essentially the same, is unlike any other person’s. So why has our standard of care become a “one size fits all”.

So many people put their trust in physicians to cure them of their ailments. It’s easier to play the victim and put the responsibility on another when in reality it’s up to that individual to decide if they want to be healed. I know of a pharmacist who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in their late 20s. What seemed like a devastating diagnosis for someone just beginning their career and family turned out to be so much more. When the medical and pharmaceutical routes provided little to no comfort or support they began to look at their health in totally new way…nutrition, exercise, wellness, mindfulness, etc. A few years after the diagnosis, they received astonishing news that their MRI came back with no evidence of MS. The doctor couldn’t explain this miracle, there is no known cure for MS so how could this be?

Another example is cancer. Why do some people die from it and others go into remission? On the surface most people would admit the goal is to get better but there is other factors than just medical treatment. I’m talking soul contracts, cellular memory, believing that you DESERVE to get well…the list can go on but you get the hint. Individualized care is needed in order to make any change in our wellness and it shouldn’t be up to someone to make treatment decisions for you. Get to know your body and you will see the paths that it will respond to…enough of this “one size fits all” mentality.

Just like any healing profession when used in conjunction with other modalities our issues can be resolved in totality. However, in this western society, the majority of people assume allopathic medicine holds the answer to their ailments. We must start step inside ourselves and take responsibility for our own health and well being. Let’s stop putting it in other’s hands so we can begin to live healthier, happier, and hopeful.

Intention, Manifestation & Motherhood.

I have been working on three drafts about intention and manifestation but none of them have felt complete. I realized yesterday that the reason was due to lack of personalization. It was just regurgitated words I have read throughout my journey which are completely applicable but not always relatable. So, with very little editing (as always), here is a compilation of some overstated tidbits mixed with a little reality…

Have you ever met someone who attracts anything they want? It’s almost as if life is magically opening for them while others can’t seem to get the child proof lid off.

Would you believe that anyone can attain that level of manifestation in their own life?! For some it will unfold easily…For others it will take a lot of work & persistence. The roads are never the same and there may be some ‘ugly’ to break through but it’s worth it.

“Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams.” – Hal Elrod

Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can’t be manipulated and influenced…it is neutral…what gives it a positive or negative vibe is perception. Thought has been scientifically proven to be an energetic process. So when we perceive positively, the same will be brought to us. It’s more than just thinking, however, it must also be a belief that you deserve these good things to happen.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” -Buddha

Personally, I am naturally positive and manifest things very easily. That’s how I knew my pregnancy and labor would be pleasant…but what else led me to that assumption? Conversations. By talking with my mom, sister, and even my mother-in-law, I shaped my perception of birth around their experiences. Their recollection of their experiences, while all unique, had a similar message.


By sharing their truths about their experiences, they could confidently inform me of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was very relieving to be supported by such strong and determined women but I realize that’s not the norm in our western culture. There is so much fear and uncertainty and women have stopped sharing their knowledge.

In most of the mom’s groups I follow on Facebook there are posts, almost daily, about “my sister said I would be stupid not to get an epidural” or “my mom said her labor with me was by far the worst in comparison to my siblings”. In most cases the post is flooded with positive affirmations and encouragement but the damage is already done. That expecting woman already has a string of belief that her labor will be unimaginably painful and difficult because the belief of people closest to us hold more weight than strangers.

While some women have the mental capacity to break through patterns of negative self-talk many can not, especially while child bearing and child rearing. That’s not to say we shouldn’t alter our experiences or sugar coat what to expect but rather change the tone of conversations from accusations and blame to ones of non judgement and celebration.

“Imagine what might happen if women emerged from their labor beds with a renewed sense of strength and power of their bodies, and of their capacity for ecstasy through giving birth.” -Dr. Christiane Northrup

When women step into the role of mother, a sisterhood forms. It’s a bond like no other. We should be embracing each other instead of undermining our self-worth. We are brave, strong, feminine, and most of all happy, healthy, and hopeful.

All Hallows' Eve Channel

So I skipped my posting last week because of many physical ailments (migraines, sinus, cough, etc.) Which ended up being a clearing for the crazy channels I’ve been able to receive right around Halloween. Since the veil is at the thinnest it allows for spirit/God/Higher self to more easily communicate with us on the physical plane. There has been a lot of confusion, not just for me, but universally recently and the clarity received it astounding. Here are some excerpts of the channels I’ve had…

October 31st, 2017

As you’ve know for a while the veil is lifting. Evolutionary step for human-kind is to step into our dimension. Join us. So much preparation being done. You’re getting tired, burnt out, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not despair. Others are rapidly joining to share the burden. Just keep swimming. We’re just as exhausted as you. Have faith and this will NOT fail. It’s long over due.

“What else can we do?”

Go out. Be seen. Be heard. Spread your truths. Don’t only surround yourself with like minded souls. Yes, it’s comfortable but limits growth. Be open minded. Try new things. Speak in a way that you don’t recognize. Change verbiage to meet the recipient. Don’t hold back. Make waves. SHOUT!

“Is there a deadline or timeline?”

When & how is on us. Meet each encounter, exchange, and moment with your best intentions. Lose assumptions. Focus on the healing of the Earth and all other aspects will fall into place. Lots of healing left to be done. BALANCE!

It’s blind faith in God that makes this movement stronger. Do not question, have unfaltering belief in the wonders and powers that awaits each soul on the other side. There is no “death” only a continuation and elevation of existence. TRUST.
Good stuff…And so much more is available if we just listen with our new “self”. The concept of a veil dividing realms is maybe not what we assumed it to be. A recent discussion with a friend offered an alternative insight to how I view the other side. What if the “thinning of the veil” has nothing to do with specific dates or time but more to do with the amount of people’s belief. Some people learn that their belief in Santa is what helps make his sleigh fly (Thanks “elf”). What if it’s the same for the veil? Is it “thinner” on All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day because we BELIEVE it is? Is it within our capacity to do away with it all together…something to chew on. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully this message finds you happier, healthier, and hopeful!

True Nature of Health

Disclaimer: I had another topic I was working on this week but this kept coming up in my conversations recently so I HAVE to share. This will probably be unedited so apologies for the grammar police out there!

Part A. 

I’m a firm believer that our mental state influences our physical body. When our health is failing, it’s because we allow it to…consciously or unconsciously. No one wants to take ownership in the fact they caused their ailments but it’s true. 

“What we think, we become.” -Buddha

For the past 6ish weeks I’ve been battling with on and off again plugged ducts from breastfeeding my son. Initially I tried explaining why they were happening because of a suspected tounge/lip tie or improper latch. Either one of these conditions could very well contribute to the situation but it wasn’t until I started addressing myself that I began to feel some relief.

Louise Hay wrote a fantastic book called “You Can Heal Your Life” (“Heal Your Body” is a condensed version with the metaphysical ways to overcome illness) and I refer to it often within my personal life as well as professional. Here is what she attribute breast issues to…

Condition: Breast Problems (Cysts, Lumps, Soreness, Mastitis, etc.)

Probable Cause: A refusal to nourish the self. Putting everyone else first. Overmothering. Overprotection. Overbearing attitude.

New thought Pattern: I am important. I count. I now care for and nourish myself with love and with joy. I allow others the freedom to be who they are. We are all safe and free.

DING! I have been struggling with these certain attributes in my life. Taking time to focus on my needs really helped balance this and guess what…My plugged ducts went away!

What a cool way to approach our health. Instead of only addressing the physical symptoms that present themselves, take responsibility for the underlying cause. Our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies are all in checks and balances with one another. If there is discord in one of the bodies then there must be discord in the others as well. Hmmm…interesting…

Part B.

When was the last time you were in unconditional service to another human? Truly in a place with no judgement or expectation.  As a healer, it’s in my nature to easily integrate this concept into daily interactions but it also allows me to witness the selfish tendencies of others. It’s also shocking to realize that those who are in a “service” roll for others and are truly not in service of that particular individual. Corporate agendas, monetary compensation, quotas, and so much more can influence one’s ability to honestly and openly serve another.

This automatically makes me think of the current western medical community…I mean doctors are often referred to as “service providers” but who are they actually serving? Now, I am making some generalizations and I am not anti-western medicine. I have met some doctors/nurses/staff that genuinely think the overwhelming number of patients dissatisfied with their medical stories speaks volumes. Everyone wants to feel heard, especially when it comes to their health, but increasingly this is not the case. 

I was just visiting with a friend who just recently welcomed her first child in a hospital setting. As she was sharing her birth experience she kept mentioning that certain healthcare professionals were not listening to her during her labor process. She felt intimidated and scared because of their lack of empathy, or more so, their judgement of “I know better because I see this everyday…” It echoed with much of the dissatisfaction I experienced in my own hospital birth. This breaks my heart as a woman, a healer, and as a human. When did experience suddenly trump the present moment? When did we stop listening to laboring mothers because “science knows better”?

In conclusion…

Any pain, illness, or disease ultimately is manifested by our own will (conscious or not). Western medicine has removed the personal aspect of their service. Therefore it is up to us to advocate for ourselves, stand firm in our beliefs, and take responsibility for the quality of care we deserve. By making informed and educated decisions, we will all live happier, healthier, and hopefully hopeful:)

Healing Birth Trauma

As a doula, I have often heard the saying “I love my baby. But I don’t love how they got here.” No new mother needs that regret, disappointment, or heartbreak on her plate. But how can we mend this? It begin with us. Every being has the capacity and inner knowledge to start the healing process.

Unfortunately there is no magical way to dictate how any pregnancy or birth will progress. But what if there was a way to a change the memory of the events that actually unfolded. Or rather the emotion behind the memory. The repair can start immediately following, or even before, the trauma instead of being stored within our cellular memories only to cause chaos later on in a persons life. Everything we experience is correlated and not by random chance. The situations we face today impact our perceptions of future events and therefore places our lives on habitual paths. 

For a woman going through a traumatic birth experience we can empathize. However, because she is able to cognitively recollect and verbalized her emotions we tend to forget that it is just as traumatic (if not more so) for the newborn. These ripples of fear, shock, and pain settle into our bodies from the start. 

What do I mean by trauma…it’s not solely about physical pain or difficulties. It includes all aspects of human existence. There can be emotional blocks that stall the progress of labor which then can lead to other interventions causing physical trauma like Pitocin, epidural, forceps/vacuum, cesarean, etc. But can’t spiritual blocks also inhibit the perception of birth? If a woman is unable to trust in her inner guidance and wisdom, or God-energy/higher self, than wouldn’t that cause emotional scars.

I’ve just recently worked with a wonderful woman that was delivered in a traumatic way. During her session, it was beautiful to witness the transformation as she forgave herself and her mother. The most profound thing she mentioned to me was that she felt immense saddness for causing that experience for her mother. She was a newborn! Nothing she “did” caused that trauma but she had been carrying that perception her whole life and it was caused by things outside of her control. When we release the heaviness of even our subconscious memories, it ripples through everyone involved during that situation. I gaurentee the mother of this woman feels lighter today because of the work her daughter did a week ago. And my client, who was never aware of how deeply rooted her emotions from her birth were, is completely changed physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For the men on the Earth, even though you won’t physically experience giving birth, you have been birthed by a woman. If you go on to father children of your own in this lifetime, your vibrational state will be passed on to future generations as well. There is healing and work to be done throughout humanity, regardless of gender, because in one way or another birth experiences impact each and everyone of us in this physical plane.

I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s about to unravel as we continue forward in this new era of femininity and grace. Being witness to another person’s soul go through moments of healing, heals our own soul too. At the end of the day, all things are connected, there are no coincidences, and when we recognize the causes of pain and suffering within ourselves we can all live happier, healthier, and more hopeful.

Soul Purpose

In the past couple weeks there has been a monumental shift for me when it comes to my life purpose. I blame the solar eclipse.

I’ve always been a confident person but after giving birth to my son in January I was so empowered. I couldn’t understand why women were rushing for medication and c-sections to get through their normal, healthy labors. I became determined to shift the thinking of expecting women and society, in general…so I took my doula training when my son was 5 months old. There was something missing from that class. It was informative but there was a disconnect or fear when it came to talking about changing societies perception of birth. The way a soul is ushered into this realm is just as important as how they exit…sometimes they need help navigating it! A new mother, as well, needs support in her transition into motherhood. 

For those who don’t know me, I can be pretty intense when engaged in something I’m passionate about and I’m passionate about birth…I’ve been struggling with figuring out how to make the standard, passive doula practice work for me when I know there is a bigger shift to help facilitate with. In my accounts of pregnancy and labor I mentioned that I experienced premonitions and times of just knowing…Can’t everyone experience this reassuring sense of understanding and calm? Yes. Sometimes it’s masked or hidden but it’s available to all. Where does this understanding come from?

Lemuria.  An ancient civilization located on the islands of present day Hawaii. You can google the full history and how their culture spread into the world thousands of years ago. This peaceful community held ancient wisdom from the stars and there is an awakening happening right now like never before. Gender roles were different but equally respected in this civilization. Men were the providers & protecters…women were connected to the Divine and brought forth new souls to nurture.

In Lee Caroll’s channeling of Kyron, he talks about the seed of original knowledge has been lost. This understanding is practical & elementary. It can be applied to beginning and modern societies because the truth of how to behave, how to balance, and become compassionate is always the same generation to generation. Again, google can lead you to many more of these divine messages if you’re interested.

Sidebar: There has been a lot of amazing people doing things with this work but just like with the Akashic records, I feel like there has been a rush of financial gain from a knowledge that is free and waiting for all. Everyone is looking for their “tribe”, I get it. However, when did money ever play a role in the exchanging of ideas or information for our ancestors. It was a human right to be taught these ancient ways (i.e. shamanism and other cultures of the distant past). Let’s go back to interacting as humans, not as business transactions.

Back to my original train of thought…While laboring in the hospital, I entered a meditative state with each contraction. I was physically in the delivery room but mentally I went somewhere else. The teachings from my Lemurian ancestory helped me remain centered throughout my childbirth experience. I was so comforted, not only by external support, but internally…as if I had my own cheering section on the other side of the veil passing my son’s soul off to me in a harmonious and gentle way. We worked together as a team to transition him into this physical plane. And what do you know…He is the most mild mannered baby I have ever met.

In contrast, there was another mother laboring at the same time as me. She was screaming in agony and pain not very far along in her labor. The medical staff told us that she would be getting an epidural, no exception…there was no *trained* emotional support for her. Obviously I don’t know who this woman is or how the rest of her labor went but I can tell you that their little girl did not stop crying the two days we were in the hospital. Morning, noon, and night…wails would come from their end of the hall and we had yet to hear our little guy do more than squeak.

Coincidence or is there a bigger picture here? I’m interested to see how my future pregnancies go (God willing!) and what affect it will have on my children’s temperament and behavior. By being carried by the mother, the child, male or female, would naturally inherit some of her consciousness. And if that consciousness is already awakened and comforted by the pure essence of womanhood/sisterhood than how powerful can future generations become! We’re waking up…it’s the next step for our species and we’re ready to evolve.

I still don’t know where this will take me personally or professionally, I have a better understanding of myself and how I can contribute to humanity in a larger way. I’ve got my confidence back and it will help me continue to live happier, healthier, and hopeful!

My Conscious Birth.

My husband will adamantly tell you this is not exactly how our labor went but it’s my recollection and I’m sticking to it! I wont get too graphic but consider this your warning…I’m talking about birthing a child for goodness sake!

The weeks leading up to the birth of our son, I had been making significant progress with effacing and in dilation. At 38 weeks I was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. At 39 weeks I had gotten to 2 cm dilation and over 80% effaced…My OB swept/stripped my membranes for the first time at this appointment. To the surprise of my OB I made it to my 40th week appointment on my due date – 1/30/17. I was almost 3 cm and over 90% effaced. For a first pregnancy this was great…she swept my membranes again and, as I told my husband later, she really got after it this time.

The rest of that day I walked, sat on my birth ball, stretched…you name it – I was excited to get that kid out. A friend of mine came by mid afternoon to visit. While sitting at my kitchen table I was feeling very mild cramping and didn’t think much of it. I started timing them when I realized I was beginning to anticipate their arrival. They were 45 seconds long every 4 minutes. Regularly. Having some episodes of Braxton-Hicks the weeks leading up to this point I grabbed my water and repositioned myself on the couch. After about 30 more minutes of slightly noticeable intensity of the contractions I called the on-call doctor. She advised me to pay attention to them for another hour and if they indeed did not go away to come in for monitoring. She also told me while on the phone that I didn’t sound like I was in labor so it might be nothing…”What is labor suppose to sound like?” I thought to myself.

I called my husband to come home from work around 5:30 pm and we went to the hospital around 7 pm. We shared the elevator up to L&D with a nurse just coming in for her shift. Our conversation went like this:

Nurse: Are you here visiting friends? 

Me: No.

Nurse: A tour of the Maternity unit?

Me: No.

Nurse: An induction?

Me: No. I’m in labor…

She looked very puzzled at how this woman could be standing here actively contracting and holding a conversation like nothing is going on. She wished us luck as we stepped out of the elevator probably assuming we’d be sent home. When we walked to the desk to check in the nurse there was the third confirmation of how unusual my labor was presenting itself. “You don’t look like you’re in labor.” She had said…again, I was wondering what does labor look like? Sound like?…I kinda began doubting that what I was feeling was actually it.

We were sent to a monitoring room for a few hours where I was hooked up to the machines that allowed them to “see” my contractions…by 9 pm we were admitted to the hospital but no one explicitly told us this. I was over 5 cm and 100% effaced. We were told to switch rooms and when we were alone I asked my husband “So, we’re not leaving here without a kid?”.

Prior to my third trimester I began visualizing what labor was going to be like. Not necessarily about the pain or sensations I would experience but the atmosphere and energy that would be present while I labored. I often told friends and family that I pictured Jason and I joking, laughing, and generally enjoying the moment as I kept progresssing. And what do you know…that’s exactly what I experienced. We alternated between Pawn Stars and My 600 lb. Life on TV, we Googled where our nurse was from (p.s. It was the same nurse that we had met in the elevator so she was a little shocked to see us admitted!), “doctor Jesus”, and the list of fun and memorable moments goes on and on. My early labor was FUN!!

Around midnight the OB came in to check my progress. She medically broke my water and I was at 8 cm!! I could not believe how quickly everything was going and relatively less painful than I had anticipated. My contractions where definitely stronger and more painful at this point. We also learned that he was “sunny side up” so the OB tried to turn him into correct positioning but he wouldn’t go. I continued to labor and around 2 am I started feeling the need to push. My sweet, sweet nurse tried to hold me off as long as she could but by 3 am I think she had enough of my complaining…The OB came in and I began to push. 

Because this was my 1st labor and he was facing the incorrect direction everyone kept telling me that I’d probably have to push longer so to save my energy. At 3:20 the doctor left the room to check on another patient in labor but instructed me to keep pushing. So I did. Only a few pushes later there was panic in the room…His head was out! I was told to refrain from pushing until the OB came back..so I waited…it was the longest minute of my life. I remember it feel like slow motion – almost an out of body experience. Once the OB was back and suited up she wanted me to scoot towards her on the table.

“YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!?!” With the help of Jason and the entire medical staff they moved my body down the table.

At 3:36 am on 1/31/2017 Noah James was born. 7lbs 1oz.  20.5 inches long. Unmedicated and perfect.

There are parts of his birth story that ignited this desire within me to become an advocate for women in their most vulnerable state. This is why I trained as a doula…someday childbirth won’t be viewed as a ‘medical event’ in a woman’s life, it will be viewed as a spiritual one. Because of this we will all be happier, healthier, and most of all hopeful!

My Conscious Pregnancy

Here’s our story…

My husband and I decided to expand our family after our 1st wedding anniversary. We were successful around Christmas 2015 and went in for our 8 week ultrasound in the beginning of February 2016. The baby was measuring small so we went back in a week later to make sure it would be viable.

It wasn’t.

The second ultrasound revealed no growth or heartbeat. That was on a Tuesday… I was leaving for a work trip on Friday. We decided to have D&C Wednesday morning so I wouldn’t have to miscarry naturally while out of town for two and a half weeks.

*Side note: I had a premonition even before we conceived that this would be a reality at some point in my life. I wasn’t expecting it for our first pregnancy but as it was unfolding I had a sense of calm. Almost as if my soul had been through this before and I was not afraid. This inherent knowledge also came into play during my labor but I’ll save that for a different post.*

That was a tough month for us. But because of that experience it opened a dialog between my husband and I that proved we were in this together. We are a team. We discussed the fact that we did indeed want to be parents but maybe the divine timing would allow us to achieve our personal goals first. We talked about going back to get Master degrees, switching jobs, taking a second honeymoon, trying again after summertime…little did we know that wasn’t the plan…

May 2016. On a whim, for no apparent reason, I took a pregnancy test I had left over from that winter. Positive. What now?

The first few weeks I was in denial and had to set reminders on my phone to drink plenty of water and not drink that glass of wine. I didn’t have any signs of pregnancy — no morning sickness, nausea, sore boobs. Nothing. 

I’m naturally a positive person so it was not difficult for me to keep my thoughts on the up & up but this was the first time I could see both sides of the situation. I try and live each day consciously and am very in tune with subtle energy shifts around me. I was aware that if I had not been in my normal state of mind I could easily fall into a dark place because of this pregnancy. All the “what ifs” and the “should have been” thoughts that creep in can really cause damage to someone’s psyche (or ego, if you will).

The first trimester passed without a hiccup. I had so many people tell me how lucky I was and that I wasn’t “normal”…that really bothered me. Now I’m not saying that all pregnancies can be without difficulty but what I challenge you to notice is the soon-to-be-mother’s perception of her situation. If you live gratefully in the moment, your perception of the experience will be more positive than if you view it with fear and anger–obviously. So the next time you talk with an expecting mother and all she does is complain…help her shift her reality by focusing on the silver linings.

I began to feel him move around 18 weeks, my husband felt him move around 20 weeks, and I really began show around 23 weeks. The second trimester was just as non eventful as the first. I liked to learn about how other women had progressed (when did they feel the first kick, what symptoms are they experiencing, etc.) but I never compared my experience to theirs. I was comfortable sharing my “easy” experience not to boost my ego or to discredit theirs but to lead by example. Because what is life if you’re not choosing to be happy each and every day — and yes happiness is a choice.

By the third trimester I couldn’t believe it was almost over. I had enjoyed every moment of being pregnant even the “bad days” when all I wanted to do was nap or couldn’t catch my breath walking up our one flight of stairs. I admit I was a little nervous not about labor, surprisingly, but what life would be like after he was on the outside. 

What I want all people, not just pregnant ladies, to understand is you don’t need apologize for your condition. Be gentle and understanding with yourself. Listen. We have within us the ancient wisdom and support to overcome any adverse situation.

Most of all stay happy, healthy, and hopeful!